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Saturday, July 21, 2012

sentimental saturdays- fabric buckets

Today I took a look back in the archives and found something from right at the beginning of my blog.
Three years ago today this is what I posted about.

 click on the photo to go the original post

 I remember being very excited about these fabric buckets that I made, 
they are still going strong three years later!

They live on a shelf in our lounge room and have the blocks, musical instruments and bean bags in them.
 I really should make some more because they are so durable and handy!

Are you enjoying my trips down memory lane?

I will be back on Monday with photos of the cake and the 101st birthday party!

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  1. i love the memory trips! might have to do it myself! look forward to the piccies! Kate x

  2. They are lovely baskets, and so useful!

  3. Really cute. I like your fabric choices.

  4. Hi! Found you on whimsical Wednesday! I love when I find new blogs like yours! Adorable buckets!

  5. Wow! I love those buckets and the fabric colors! Saw your feature at Whimsy Wednesdays. Have to say I love the name of your blog! I'm just the opposite...5 sisters, 1 brother!


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