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Monday, April 2, 2012

easter bunting

 Another little Easter thing I did was to make this Easter egg bunting with paint chips.

I picked up a heap of pastel chips at Bunnings one day- 
the children tried to tell me I was stealing, 
but I said how can you steal something that is free?
I used an egg cookie cutter to trace the egg shape and cut them out
The Girl thought she might help out with some, 
they are a little wonky but she tried her best!

 B4 helped me to sticky tape them onto some string and we put them up above my window frame in the dining room.
 We just sticky taped it to the wall- very lazy of us but just too easy!

Here is our Easter egg tree, I think it is our best one yet!

B4 helped me by getting the branches, 
we debated spraying them white, 
but as the jug was white decided not to.
I have had some of the eggs for years and they were starting to get fewer and fewer.
I happened to see a nice little box at Target and picked them up and when I unwrapped it I discovered the cutest little wood box with 12 holes- oh the things I can do with it!!! 
I very nearly went back for another just for the box!!!!!
I had a few smaller ones left over from an activity I organised for the little ones so they went on it as well.
I am going to put some butterflies on it on Easter Sunday.
That red wall is going though- a holiday job!


  1. The bunting is so lovely and I really love the Easter Egg tree, really cute!!

  2. Your Easter Tree looks great! I was sorely tempted to buy the same metal bowl and jug pictured here at Target too, so pretty

  3. So lovely! Did you blow many of the eggs yourself? It is such a natural vintage way of decorating for spring.

  4. OK I am IN LOVE with your picture wall!!! Is that an old HUGE window?
    OH And I am coming over to say HI and THANKS for the sweet comment that you left about my Spring/Easter decor... You are SO SWEET!
    Stop by again soon!

  5. Gorgeous egg tree Deanne and I am so going to copy that window frame idea !! Love it xx


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