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Saturday, January 28, 2012

getting out

Thankfully the flooding was only moderate and after it peaked at about 8am yesterday it started going down.
Between our place and town, going what we call "the front way" which sees us entering our town from the north, there are three places that the road will be cut.
When VCH was down at the cut closest to our house, about 500m away, our neighbour told him that people were able to get through the next two cuts, ours was still too high.
VCH thought we might try going to town via a rather roundabout route around 35km longer and with a good 20km of dirt road, this would bring us out close to the 3rd crossing.
So VCH and I left the kids at home and set off for town in his 4WD work ute (pick up truck).
We had to go through a little bit of water on the dirt road, but that is normal for that spot and when we came out onto the main road we found that the water was indeed low enough for us to cross safely in the 4WD.
The water was also still, there is no way VCH would have driven across if it was flowing.
So it took us nearly an hour to get to town instead of the usual 15-20 minutes.
We did our shopping and came home, thankfully the water had subsided enough that we could now come straight home without any detours.
(apologies for the poor quality picture, our internet is so slow that they are taking so long to load they come out wonky- when we get back I will fix it up)

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  1. Hi Deanne, thanks for visiting. What crazy weather, you are flooded in and we are in hot dry heat. I hope you are well stocked up with supplies and that the water doesn't do too much damage to your property.


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