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Sunday, December 5, 2010

christmas magnets

These are some fun Christmas letter magnets I made.
I bought a set of glitter letters from one of my local cheap shops to make personalised baubles for our family, unfortunately they were too thick and wouldn't stick down.
I played around with the letters for a few days wondering what I could do with them, and then the inspiration came- not sure from where, but there it was.
A while ago I picked up some magnetic tape at our local Hardware Store, it is sticky on one side and tape on the other.

 So I cut off pieces and put them on the back.

Here they are on the lid of an old Christmas Biscuit tin.

They don't show up well on the white fridge, and the glitter doesn't seem to show up well in the photos.

So I put some on my chalkboard painted fridge.

We have misplaced the JOY for the moment so I am trying to find where B3 put them while tidying up, so I can make some more fun Christmas words.
I also thought I would go and buy another set to make some more, but the store didn't have any more :(

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  1. This is cute and simple. You can do anything with that idea! I like your blog!

  2. Great idea! Very cute!


  3. Those express the season in a great way. It's about the thoughts and love -- that really comes through. Thanks for stopping by. I'm always glad to read your blog.

  4. This is so creative I love it

  5. Very cute! I love a simple but clever idea. Lisa~


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