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Sunday, December 5, 2010

spice angel tutorial

Here is the tutorial as promised on how to make a spice angel.

First you will need these things: dolly peg, Christmas fabric (or burlap if you prefer a more organic touch), two matching bay leaves, a star anise, cinnamon stick and some raffia, needle and thread or sewing machine.

Take your fabric- it needs to be large enough to wrap around the peg with some overlap, and a little shorter than the peg top and legs, now just sew around the top with a running stitch to gather it. 
If you are making a lot it may be quicker to do it on the machine- this is what I usually do.

Now lay your peg on the fabric and

Glue it at the back

I use my glue gun (yes it has seen better days, I am on the lookout for a replacement, a certain crafty child is getting his own for Christmas so I may just borrow his!)

Next glue the cinnamon stick to the back.

Then glue the bay leaves together and glue on the raffia.

Now glue to the cinnamon stick.

Turn over and glue star anise to the front.
I bought a new packet yesterday and there was not one perfect star- so disappointing, this was the best one I could find.

 Now glue on some extra raffia for the hair.
And you spice angel is done, these are lovely to hand on a tree, from a stick as pictured here, given as a gift or used to decorate a present.

I put mine away each year into an old biscuit tin and when I open the lid the following Christmas it always smells beautiful.

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  1. I really love this, thanks so much for sharing. :)

  2. I love it! Very, very beautiful! Great idea.

  3. how cute is that! coming over from stephanie lynn's party.

  4. Your spice angel is a great idea! Thanks for sharing. Hopping over from CG's linky party.

  5. I really love this little angel. It would look so good on a package too. And must smell wonderful!

  6. Simple and perfect. I love the way you grouped them on the simple tree limb. I'm visiting you by way of Between Naps on the Porch. Visit me sometime at Nanniepannie's Blog.
    Merry Christmas.

  7. Oh we are going to make this one. It looks lovely. I bet the smell is divine.

  8. This would be so cute on a kitchen tree. Thanks

  9. What a cute idea! I bet it's very fragant, as well.

    Thanks for linking to my party. Please be sure to come by and enter my fantastic year-end giveaway. Click the picture in my sidebar for details.

    Blessings and a very Merry Christmas!
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  10. Love love love this! Pinned you and will be back!

  11. This is the best ever little tutorial--just love the scent of the spices. I made my first one today and posted photos with some of my Ravelry projects and gave link to your tutorial. My Ravelry name is Patty7737. Hope you'll take a peek. My addition was a little acorn cap;)

    from sunny and cold VT,
    the Vermonster

  12. I ended up making 9 of these as gifts... they were a big hit! A simple yet heart-felt token to some elderly people near our home. They really appreciated it! Blogged about it here:

  13. This is adorable Deanne. I shared on FB. Am going to make some of these. I better go and get these kids ready for school. I could spend hours at your blog. Very nice.

    Anne xx

  14. I LOVE this darling angel ornament. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I found you through pinterest. ~ Abby

  15. Es un bello detalle...le dicen Ángel Protector...un abrazo

  16. This is so clever! Going to try making one with my little girl this weekend!

  17. Cant find Star Anise can I use something else in place?

  18. You could perhaps use a small button, or a cardamon pod or something like that.


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