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Thursday, July 11, 2013

spinach and cheese rolls with gf puff pastry take 2

You may remember me mentioning a little disaster I had in the kitchen the other day when trying to make my own gluten free puff pastry.
Yesterday, being an overcast-threatening-to-rain day I felt the pull of a warm and cozy kitchen and some baking. 
Anything to avoid cleaning up my sewing room!

 Inspired by the Great Australian Bake-Off on Tuesday night I decided to bake Anne's easy orange cake, substituting in GF flour, turning them into cupcakes and icing them with a little chocolate ganache- they were delicious, 
if a little rough, I should have smoothed the tops before baking!

Then I thought I would try the Spinach and Cheese Rolls again, 
I went looking on pinterest and found this recipe for gluten free puff pastry.
When I made my Chicken and Mushroom Pie the other day I used my usual short crust pastry on the bottom and then in a moment of inspiration I rolled the top half and put chunks of butter through folded and rerolled several times. 
It worked reasonably well and came out puffyish (is that a word?), so thought I would make it again doing the same thing for the spinach and cheese roll recipe I came across in a magazine, that I was keen to try.
Of course deciding to change the recipe half way through led to its ruin.

So here we are at take two.
I followed the recipe and think the pastry turned out well inspite of the butter coming through towards the end of my folding and rolling.
Now making the filling was not so simple because somewhere between Saturday and today the recipe page has gone walkabout!
Inspite of an extensive search including the bins it didn't turn up, so I had to wing some of the measurements, trusting my very short memory - but it seemed to work out OK.
The kids absolutely loved them and have requested I make them again. 

With plenty of silverbeet in the garden it shouldn't be a problem!
This is a red stemmed silverbeet or kale as it is sometimes known, something else has has a little nibble, 
but a thorough wash and all is good!

1 quantity of gluten free puff pastry (see link above) I made the first part in my food processor - no getting sore fingers rubbing in for this girl! 
If you are not GF use frozen puff pastry (from memory 2 sheets) 
or you can buy a GF frozen puff pastry ($9 for 3 sheets, it is exie and not that puffy!)

1 bunch of silverbeet
1/2 bunch spinach (I used a handful of baby spinach leaves)
2/3 cup ricotta cheese
1/3 cup fetta crumbled
1/3 cup cheddar grated (this is my addition)
2 eggs + one extra for pastry glaze
1 tablespoon of fresh dill chopped
1 tablespoon chives chopped (I used parsley as my chives have been overpicked)
salt and pepper to taste
Parmesan for top of rolls

Make pastry and set aside.
Chop silverbeet (including stems) and spinach finely and place in boiling water for 2 minutes, drain and press all excess water out, cool.
Mix all other ingredients (except extra egg and Parmesan) in bowl.
Halve pastry and roll out, cut into a 25cm x 15cm rectangle approx.
Spread about a quarter of the mixture down the middle of the long side. 
Brush along one edge with beaten reserved egg, roll up like a sausage roll.
Cut into 2, 4 or 6 depending on how big you wish to serve them (I did 4)

Place on tray (I used foil here because I was out of baking paper) brush top with egg and grate Parmesan cheese over the top as pictured.
Repeat with remaining pastry and mixture - I ended up with 18.
Bake in a 200-220C oven for 20 minutes.
Serve warm or cold- enjoy!!!!
These would be great for morning tea, lunch or party fare.

I often get asked what gluten free flour I use, I used to always use Orgran GF self raising or plain flour and even bought 10kg boxes through our local wholesaler, but I have found now that the Macro brand (Woolworth's health food brand) works out cheaper, even cheaper than the bulk price for the Orgran, though the size of packets is a little small when you use a lot- I just buy about 5 or 6 packets of each every month.
I never usually have a problem with it and most recipes work well by just substituting normal flour for GF, but sometimes you may find you need to add a little extra liquid to cakes.

The Scoop

By Stephanie Lynn


  1. oh yum thanks my 8yo GF daughter would LOVE some of these in her lunchbox. Will give them a go this weekend I think

    1. I was just saying to my GF son that now we have the pastry worked out sausage rolls will be on the list to make next!

  2. Deanne l've been reading your cooking post right on tea time, and my mouth is watering for the delicious spinach rolls(prob'ly not a good look:-))...puffyish is definitely a word;-))

  3. Both the cakes and the rolls look so very good.

  4. Hi Deanne, I came across your blog via Farm Fancies. I'm now following...I love your GF recipes, although I'm not celiac but wheat sensitive. It is so hard to find a good GF pastry recipe but I have found recently that using a food processor certainly improves the result.


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