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Friday, December 3, 2010

christmas kitchen

 This is my Christmassy kitchen.
It started with me changing the display cupboards to red.

  On the left are 3 red water bottles, a red biscuit tin from Christmas past and 

 a glass ice bucket with red baubles which lost their hanging bits.
On the right are four little red trees,
 3 red acrylic wine glasses that I picked up at the after Christmas sales last year for 1/2 price ( I actually have 4 but 3 looked better) and my standard bowl to hold bibs and bobs. 
Do you like my red scales? 
They look nice but....
absolutely useless, I am putting in an order for an expensive digital set.

Between the two I suspended a stick and put my red and white spice angels, I made these years ago but I will do a tutorial when I get a chance.
Edited to add: spice angel tute can be found here:

Here's a close up.

On the window sill is this cute red tree, looking a little lopsided here.

Here is the look in total - looking out through my servery window onto my veranda.
(you may notice from the photo that I have put some of my kitchen art on the top of the shelves, because they were in the way of the angels, or rather the angels half covered them and made them look weird)

 On the wall next to my fridge and freezer I have put this coaster Christmas tree
I bought the felt coaster 75% off at an after Christmas sale about 4 years ago, I just stick them up with a little blu tack.

Here's a close up.

The thing I love about Christmas is that while you may have the same decorations year after year you can use them in different ways.
My colours at the moment are red, white and silver so it is easy enough to enhance the Christmas stuff with things I already own.

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  1. Your kitchen looks beautiful dressed for Christmas! I love the stick with spice angels!

  2. Looks lovely Deanne. I also like the spice angels.

  3. I love your Christmas kitchen and look really forward to the tutorial on the spice angels...I love the idea of hanging them from the stick! Luverly!!



  4. Your Christmas kitchen looks fabulous. I love how you mixed everyday kitchen stuff (red) with some Christmas stuff. Just having red in the kitchen makes it feel Christmassy.

  5. Red is my favorite color - so I'm loving all the red you have. Your angels are so adorable!

  6. Love the veranda and the stick angels. What a great kid project too. The touches of red make the kitchen look so festive....



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