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Thursday, November 21, 2013

thrifty thursday

Today I am taking a leaf out of my friend Catherine's book and doing a Thrifty Thursday post.

 Saturday was Second Hand Saturday in our area, and there were tonnes of garage sales to go to.
B4 and I hit the trail early, VCH had to work as they were having a sale at his business. 

 I bought these at a garage sale and paid $5 for them. 
The guy who was selling them is a collector so I was a little surprised at the price, but the coffee canister lid was a little damaged, (I started fixing it before I took the photo) so didn't think they were worth much.

On Monday I started painting them, then later as I was searching for some ideas for labels,
 I came across a set on eBay for sale for $60- oops!

 A metal peacock chair $5
I am debating about whether or not to redo the cushion as the cover is in perfect condition.
But if I leave it I will have to paint it in something that matches red.

This little table $3 from another sale, but I think I will do them up as a matching set.

A clock, I got it with the table.
It doesn't actually work, but am hoping I can fix it, or I will turn it into a cool piece of art, to go with the other two pieces.

 This cool trolley I got for $10, I am going to "redeem" it to hold things at my market stalls!

 Old magazine rack $5

 A paper towel holder I got this and a metal candle holder for $5,
 bundling as the American Pickers would say.

 I little table with storage underneath, $5
I just need to remove all the blu-tack from the edge first!

 $10 for this cute little trolley.

 A little kids deck chair $5, my two big boys had similar ones when they were little.

We paid $2 for this table and 2 chairs (not shown), the table top was chipboard that had swollen, with a laminate on top.
B4 has started to get the old top off for me.
Plus loads of other cool stuff, not bad for a Saturday haul.

This piece however was a Friday find.
I happened past an op shop on my way to get groceries and just thought I would pop in and have a look see, when I spied this beauty.
It has two drawers and is a lovely old timber piece, I thought by the wood on top that it may have been an old luggage stand, but I am not sure.
 I am hoping to be able to take those bits off and turn it into a cool ottoman.

Lots of work happening here at the moments getting ready for a Christmas market in a couple of weeks.
I will be back with some cool  makeovers, soon!


  1. I love everything !!!!! OMGOODNESS wish i was there to hang out sister.

  2. So you were out and about! We were going for 6hrs and never ran into you. We kept expecting to, maybe we began at opposite ends of town. Did you start over Sth? we did town side and never even got through all of them. Got a few Christmas presents and spent alot!

    1. We started in Westlawn area, did the rest of Grafton and then South, we were too tired and the van was full, so we went home about 11:30am.

  3. We did Westlawn and Dovedale, that was it. but.... drumroll I now have the most gorgeous change table for the baby!!! Did you see it, they had a set a cot and table? So drooled for days over the cot, (the still haven't sold it) I'm having a serious case of cot envy. anyhow this babe will have the best change table ever!!

    1. I probably did, but was not particularly looking for baby stuff ;). Sounds like a great find! Maybe you should go for the cot, you can always pass it onto when your kids have kids or resell it.

    2. I'm tempted, so tempted. It was like a sleigh bed

  4. Love the canisters. What an awesome buy!

  5. What a haul. I grew up with the peacock chair in our bathroom, except with a pale blue seat. Wish I knew where it was now. Look forward to seeing what you do with it all.


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