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Monday, November 4, 2013

market makeovers

 Here are a few  make-overs that came to the markets with me on Saturday.

This box came to me without a base, bit it was solid and heavy.
We put a new base and some castors on it and painted grey inside and used homemade white chalk paint on the inside.

It was then heavily distressed and I applied decals to the front,

and the back, with a grocery theme.
If it didn't sell I was going to bring it home to use to store wood next to the fireplace, but someone loved it and it is on it's way to a new home.

 I picked this stool up at an op shop 

 and repainted it grey and added this Parisian fabric,
 it went home with a little girl who happened to have a quilt in the same fabric.

 I can't seem to find a before shot of this chair, maybe because we has to fix the front legs so it sat upside down on a table for a while.
The original fabric was green and while it was in fairly good condition on the top it was ripped at the bottom.
I sprayed it charcoal with an upholstery spray paint.
I sprayed the woodwork with a an almost identical colour and then I painted on Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Ironstone over the top and then distressed it.

 We reupholstered the base in the same Parisian fabric. 
VCH has bought a staple gun for the air compressor and that made the job super easy, I held the fabric and he stapled it on.
  I covered up a couple of little holes on the top part with a small piece of the fabric.
It has gone to a salon in town.
 Here is a lamp that we were also given. It just needed a little gluing to get it right and then I painted it in the same charcoal colour,

and made a new lamp shade for it.
This was the tricky part, but I think it came out OK for my first time.

 Here is the completed lamp.
It came home with me, but that's OK as there is always a next time!

For those of you who are going to ask, 
I had a fabulous position at the markets right on a corner where everyone has to go past and that meant a two sided frontage. 
The sites are huge 5m x 5m so plenty of room to spread out!
I sold quite a lot of stuff and made a nice profit.

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By Stephanie Lynn

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  1. That is such a success story. When I saw this on Facebook I was keen to get over here to see how it all went. I wonder did that lovely kitchen set sell?
    Congrats on the good day.

    1. yes the little kitchen sold as did the kids table and chairs. The only big things we took home were the red shutters and the dandelion table, but I have had an inquiry about it this morning, so it may soon be gone too.

  2. You do indeed give new life to old, distressed cast offs:) Will show Mariah what you created, she'll be interested:) I feel like we played a little part in helping them find new homes:)
    I had no idea you could spray paint fabric!! and fancy the little girl having matching fabric, amazing!
    Glad to hear you sold the little kitchen too.
    A successful day indeed!

    1. I really loved that chair- was hard to part with! Love it when people give me cool things to work with! Thanks! pinterest is a great source of makeovers and info- like how to spray-paint fabric!

  3. Pleased to hear you did well Deanne. You did indeed have a great spot and it looked very good too! Do you tend to sell many of the cards you have displayed? Loved the dandelion table - you are so clever.

  4. Oh wow Deanne.... love, love, love what you did with the market items. How fabulous was your market stall location. Talk about prime location. I'm glad you did really well too.

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