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Thursday, November 7, 2013

dandelion dreams

 Today I thought I would share a piece I did recently and just loved.
In fact if I had a smaller family I would have been tempted to keep it.

It started out when I picked up 6 chairs at a local op shop for $40.
 I decided to find a table to match them.
I found a table on a local buy swap and sell Face Book site, it was extendable, although I don't think it would work well to sit 6 around it as you would have to sit with your legs either side of the table leg.
(sorry can't seem to find a piccy of the original)
I decided that I would just do up 4 chairs to match and keep the other 2 chairs for something else.
I had it in my mind that I wanted to paint the chairs black and have the seats in a white fabric with a black motif. 

When saw this dandelion fabric I fell in love!
Thinking about the table I decided I would do black legs with a white top.
With my mind whirring away (as it tends to do at times) I thought it might be cool to go one step further 
and put a dandelion on the table top.
This was quite a huge step for me as I am no artist.
But I decided that a dandelion should be simple to draw so why not give it a go, 
if it didn't work I would just paint over it and no one would be any wiser!

I tried keeping the dandelions fairly similar to the fabric,
 painting (or rather drawing with a thick black sharpie) two large dandelions on either side of the shut table.

I then opened up the table and  drew two smaller dandelions, 
again similar to the fabric as it also had dandelions of various sizes.
I took this piece to the markets on Saturday and it was greatly admired.
It didn't sell on the day but a lady who saw it and loved it, rang me on Monday to see it had sold and has since purchased it and VCH delivered it to it's new home this morning.

(apologies if you notice the watermarks say redeemed, I usually watermark for both when I edit them, but I must have been in a hurry and only did the one and couldn't be bothered to go back and edit all the photos again this morning)

By Stephanie Lynn



  1. Hi I've been catching up on your posts, my ÿou have been busy. All of your pieces look super great when you've finished with them. Glad the makers went well, how is your she'd coming along?
    Need to go and see if you've finished it yet .

    1. the shed was finished but now VCH has decided he wants to add a deck to it!

  2. Oh my goodness Deanne. That is gorgeous. I love it!

    Anne xx

  3. I saw this set at the markets, it looked great - so fresh, I loved it! Pleased someone is now loving it in their home.

  4. I just love black and white as it is such a smart combo. You did a great job copying those dandelions.

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