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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

repurpose, recycle, relax

My major project of the garden was a revamp of the side of the house where our veranda is and where we tend to enter the house.
Eeverything is looking rather dull as it is towards the end of winter, but hopefully as it warms up and the grass greens up things will look much brighter in the garden.

First off was this aloe vera that had outgrown its pot.

I bought these terracotta pots at Bunnings to plant the aloe vera into.

Finished and I still have a heap, we had to put into another pot, in another part of the garden.
Anyone need some aloe vera?

The second part of the project was transforming this into a beautiful outdoor room.
This is a WIP shot- sorry forgot the before, it was looking pretty overgrown and tangled with broken pots of dead plants.


A lovely place to relax full of recycled and repurposed goodies.

This old pulley wheel came from the quarry that is over the back of our place, via a friend who found it on her place when she moved in a few years ago and didn't want it.
I had visions of using it in a water feature but that has never eventuated.
The metal container came from a garage sale for $2 many years ago.
I have planted cupheas in it.
The wheelbarrow pictured above is also an old garage sale find, and also planted with cupheas.

The ice bucket is made from an old branding iron pot that was here when we moved in.
VCH's home brew is demonstrating how the ice bucket works - bottled in recycled bottles of course.

The bucket part is an old round shallow dish that was originally orange and originally from my mum's house that I sprayed with chrome spray paint.
 The plant stand is the old steps we used to have at the side of the house before our extension.
VCH put some wood (from old pallet) on the back to make it stand.
The metal watering can was an old one used by council for tar that I found in a bin at church when putting rubbish out one day.
As you can see I need a few more herbs in some pots.
 OK I splurged and bought some new terracotta pots.
But the chives were replanted from another pot.
I painted a strip of chalkboard paint on the side and then used chalk to write each herb.
The cushions being modelled by Jazzy are a red and white ticking that I made a few years ago, while the white with the red stripe is made from a 50c tea towel from IKEA - just folded and sewn on the red stripe on each side.
The chairs were made by VCH out of fence palings a few years ago.
A lovely shady spot for a read and relax!
Care to join me?

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  1. Thank You for stopping by my blog!!!!
    I love your "Outdoor Room." You and your family did a nice job!!!

  2. Deanne, Your outdoor room has such a great welcoming rustic look. I love the old pulley and metal pots! My very favorite it the long plant stand! It is fabulous! And love the pots with the chalkboard markers! So much fun!
    What a great and inspiring post!
    So glad to stop by!

  3. I absolutely LOVE your blog! So peaceful and calm and beautiful! Your photography is so inspirational. I love the chalkboard terracotta pots!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Happy Great Outdoors Day!

  4. Ummm, I just tried to comment, but don't think it went through ... another fab outdoor space!! I am in love with the branding bin turned ice bucket. :) Thanks for linking this too!! Karah

  5. Love all your found objects - that pulley is amazing (I can't believe she didn't want it) and your ice bucket is fabulous!

    Of course, I love all things chalkboard so I'm loving your pots too.

    So glad you joined our Outdoor party!

  6. Just wanted to stop by! I saw your post over at Hometalk and I had to visit to get all the details! You really inspired me today! I need to get some chalkboard paint!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  7. Love the chalkboard paint and the elevated herbs. We have Pygmy Rattlesnakes in this part of Florida and they love to wrap themselves around flowerpots that are placed on the ground. Hopefully, they wouldn't climb the steps to be next to these 'cool' pots. Can't wait to try it in fall.


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