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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

home ed 2010

Another year ahead, new ideas, resources, a fresh start to fix all those things I am not happy with.

We have been following the Heart of Wisdom stuff for a couple of years now and this will be our third year. They of course study American history in this year, but we will study Australian history instead.
We will start the year looking at aboriginal settlement and their way of life and then look at  European discovery and settlement.
I have been spending the last few days pre-reading some living books on the early settlement of Australia.
It is so hard to find these books, just as well that Erin has a well stocked library of lots of these treasures.
Some of the really good books are out of print and go for a small fortune on ebay.
It would be lovely to see some of them in print again.
I would really love someone to reprint Doris Chadwick's three "John" books, John of the Sirius, John of Sydney Cove, John and Nanbaree.

I found some great resources for our Australian studies from Adnil Press and  Downunder Literature. 
I also intend to buy this from Janettes Pictures.
I purchased a lovely big map of Australia yesterday to go up on the wall. It is incredibly detailed, B1 got very excited when I pulled it from the tube to look at it.

We will continue to do our Marine Studies, this fits in nicely with the heart of wisdom stuff and in second term we will move onto birds- still looking for some good resources.

I really want to concentrate on B3 and B4's reading. 
They both have continued practicing over the holidays and are progressing well.
I also really want to fit in a read aloud that is just for them, books that I read to the older boys when they were younger.
I think I gave B3 a bit of a confidence boost yesterday when we were shopping as I picked up a NSW Year 5 maths book and showed him. 
He realised that he is well beyond that level and that it was way too simple and easy.

I will combine B5 and The Girl and start them on some phonics and reading work.
I want to do a program up for each week with a different sound, colour, number and song. 
I have decided not to go in alphabetical order but look at letters that are relevent to them, starting with "l" because this is the first letter in B5's name.
I have also been re-reading Ruth Beechick and have some ideas to go from. 
I also want to make sure that I fit in nature study, craft and cooking with them each week. 
I am hoping to come up with a good plan to make this workable and not be too overwhelmed.
Wasn't life so much simpler back in the early days with only one or two?

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  1. Sounds like a good curriculum. Wonderful photos on the beach.


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